CHANDLER, AZ (2/5/19)— Mortgage notes have always been one of investor’s best-kept secrets, according to Pinnacle Investment’s own Troy Fullwood. They are a low-entry opportunity with potential for steady long-term monthly income. So why are so few investors utilizing notes within their own investment portfolios? According to Fullwood there is a lack of information on the subject—something he believes he can change with his newly released Amazon Best Seller, Power of Paper.

“There is something about mortgages as an investment that frighten people,” says Fullwood, “and I’m not sure why. If you know what you are doing you can purchase a note for next to nothing and reap a steady income for a decade or more. I finally realized that I needed to take what was in my head and put it on paper so that people can better understand what investing in paper can do for them.”

Troy has worked with countless people as an advisor and consultant, showing them the inside and outside of mortgage investment.  His company Pinnacle Investments has purchased over 19,000 notes in a span of twenty-two years and has continued to grow his business through both bear and bull years. The knowledge that he has acquired in his two decades of mortgage investment has been put into the Power of Paper and he is offering it for free through his website.

“I’ve closed over nineteen thousand deals and it is a rare thing to not make money off of these investments,” says Fullwood “The trick to eliminating risk is to know what to buy and what to pay for the paper. Once you get that ratio down then the sky is the limit on what you can do for your portfolio.”

Pinnacle Investments continues to purchase paper as well as work with others interested in mortgage and alternative investments.  Fullwood has earned a reputation for success during the course of his career and believes that this success can translate over to anyone who is willing to learn about the process of investing in paper. He explains that his doors are always open for anyone with questions but that he hopes people will take the opportunity to read his book so that they can fully understand the potential for a steady income through notes purchasing.

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